BUFF® Epic Trail Aigüestortes: 105km race with an elevation gain of roughly 8,000 m and similar elevation loss; the route is a circuit around the Aigüestortes National Park.

Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici National Park is one of Spain’s fourteen national parks and the only one in Catalonia. Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, adjoining the Ordesa and Mont Perdut parks and the French Pyrenees, the park is an excellent representation of the main ecosystems found in Catalonia’s high-mountain areas.

This one-of-a-kind protected natural area in southern Europe is characterized by peaks over three thousand meters high; rivers, canyons, waterfalls, and marshes that make you truly feel you are in a land of water; 200 lakes of a variety of shapes and colors and a wide range of plants and animals fighting to survive in a harsh physical environment.





FRIDAY 07/07/2017

  • 10:00hRace bib collection 105/42/21Kms (Barruera)
  • 17:30hBriefing 105Kms (Barruera)
  • 18:30hBriefing 42Kms (Barruera)

 SATURDAY 08/07/2017

  • 05:00hOpen access 105Kms (Barruera)
  • 05:45hClose access 105Kms (Barruera)
  • 06:00hStart 105Kms (Barruera)
  • 06:15hTransportation to Espot departs from Barruera (Barruera)
  • 07:00h - 08:30hRace bib collection 42Kms (Espot)
  • 9:15hClose access 42Kms (Espot)
  • 9:30hStart 42Kms (Espot)
  • 10:00h - 19:30h Race bib collection 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 12:00hMini Skyrace (Barruera)
  • 13:30hEstimated arrival of the first-place men 42Kms (Barruera)
  • 14:15hEstimated arrival of the first-place women 42Kms (Barruera)
  • 17:30hClose finish line 42Kms (Barruera)
  • 18:00hBriefing 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 19:00hAwards ceremony 42Kms (Barruera)
  • 19:45hEstimated arrival of the first-place men 105Kms (Barruera)
  • 22:30hEstimated arrival of the first-place women 105Kms (Barruera)

SUNDAY 09/07/2017

  • 05:00h – 06:15h Race bib Collection 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 06:15hOpen access 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 06:45hClose access 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 07:00hStart 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 09:30hEstimated arrival of the first-place men 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 10:15hEstimated arrival of the first-place women 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 12:00hClose finish line 105Kms (Barruera)
  • 13:00hAwards ceremony 21Kms (Barruera)
  • 13:30hAwards ceremony 105Kms (Barruera)

Race timetable

Location Km Total Km Parcial Refreshment station Access Faster Slower Time limit
Barruera 0,00 0,00 Vehicle Ds 06:00 Ds 06:00
Eril la Vall 3,70 3,70 Vehicle Ds 06:15 Ds 06:35
Port de Gelada 9,70 6,00 Liquid On foot (2h) Ds 07:00 Ds 09:22
Ref. Conangles 21,80 12,10 Solid/Light Vehicle Ds 08:20 Ds 11:24 Ds 12:00 (6:00 h)
Port de Rius 27,50 5,70 On foot (2h) Ds 09:00 Ds 13:26
Pont de Ressec 36,80 9,30 Liquid Vehicle Ds 10:05 Ds 14:47
Park. Ref. Colomers 46,30 9,50 Solid/Light Vehicle Ds 11:20 Ds 16:08 Ds 17:00 (11 h)
Ref. Saboredo 51,80 5,50 Solid/Light On foot (1,5h) Ds 12:00 Ds 17:29
Espot 67,50 15,70 Solid Vehicle Ds 13:35 Ds 22:10 Ds 22:10 (16:10 h)
Espot esqui, Clot de la Bassa 72,50 5,00 Liquid 4x4 (On foot 30') Ds 14:15 Diu 0:34
Estanys de Mainera 75,50 3,00 Water On foot (2h) Ds 14:45 Diu 2:00
Estany Gento (Vall Fosca) 81,10 5,60 Solid Cable car Ds 15:45 Diu 4:15 Diu 4:15 (22:15 h)
Riquerna 86,50 5,40 Water On foot (1h) Ds 16:25 Diu 6:15
Port de Rus 90,50 4,00 Liquid On foot (1,5h) Ds 16:55 Diu 8:00
Corva St Martí 95,60 6,00 Liquid Vehicle Ds 17:35 Diu 09:40
Taüll 99,50 3,00 Liquid Vehicle Ds 17:55
Barruera 105,50 6,00 Solid Vehicle Ds 18:30 Diu 11:00 Diu 1:00 (29 h)


The BUFF® Epic Trail Aigüestortes has been developed as one of the most special trail running races in the world because it gathers a tough but beautiful course.

The race is 105 km long, with a cumulative altitude of 8.000m and with positive inclinations that will reach 56%.

Valleys, mountains and lakes of Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici Lake National Park give a beautiful environment to this privileged area of the Pyrenees.

Toughness and beauty will challenge the runners that will face this epic adventure.

Total distance:
105 km
cumulative altitude:
+ 7.950 m
Minimum altitude:
1.096 m
Maximum altitude:
2.729 m
Race 105km


Along with the main event, there will be a series of parallel activities for the companions and supportes so they can enjoy this privileged environment. A tour of the chapels of Romanesque, recreational activities for kids, market area of typical local products, etc.. will be part of this mountain festival.

Romanesque walking

Start: Barruera

Finish: Barruera

Date: Saturday 11/07/2015 at 10 am

Distance: 14km

Cumulative altitude: 850 mts

Course description: With start line in Barruera we will be heading a Erill la Vall, Taüll, Boí and Durro.

Registration fee: 10€ (free for 2 supporters of each BUFF® Epic Run runner)

Includes: T-shirt and lunch ticket

Registration at www.ticketoci.net


Initiation and promotion race for young runners. From 6 to 14 years old.

Start: Barruera

Finish: Barruera

Date: Saturday 02/08/2014 at 17 pm

Registration fee: FREE (til 30 minuts before the race)

Includes: gift for all the runners

The BUFF® Epic Run Aigüestortes is a demanding event, run in semi-autonomy within a natural mountain setting. We advise participants to have a very good level of physical fitness and have experience in this type of event. Participants must be prepared to cope with race conditions which are, at times, difficult and the physical and mental consequences of extreme exhaustion.

To validate your registration, you must present a medical certificate of no contraindication in the practice of competitive foot racing, dated no more than three months prior to the date of your race, duly stamped and signed by a doctor. Any medical certificate of no contraindication in the practice of competitive foot racing is valid as long as it specifies the name, surname and date of birth of the runner and all the issuing doctor's details.


By default, all runners without exception, must be sure to bring the following items to take part in the BUFF® Epic Run Aigüestortes 2015.

Required Material

Mobile phone: With a fully charged battery, roaming activated and switched on for the duration of the event.
Thermal Blanket: Minimum size (1.4 x 2 m)
Whistle: The one on a backpack is valid, provided it works.
Waterproof jacket with hood: Gore-Tex or similar breathable, thermal, insulating type.
Headlamp: In perfect working order and with fully charged batteries.
Replacement batteries: Or a second headlamp in perfect working order and with fully charged batteries.
Receptacle for liquid refreshment: For eco-responsibility reasons, receptacles will not be provided at the refreshment stations for fluid replacement.
Cap or tubular: Covering the entire head.
Containers and/or airtight receptacles for liquids: With minimum total capacity of 1 litre.
Thermal Shirt: Long-sleeved. Cotton is not allowed.
Leggings or trousers: Both can be short if they fully cover the legs without leaving the knees exposed when combined with socks.
Warm hat: For the cold.
Gloves: Gore-Tex or similar breathable, thermal, insulating type is recommended.
Waterproof trousers: Gore-Tex or similar breathable, thermal, insulating type is recommended.

Recommended Material

Mini first aid kit: With items to attend to small wounds.
Food reserve: Gels, bars, fruit...
Replacement headlamp
Anti-chafing cream

On Friday 10th July, depending on the weather conditions, the organizers will make an announcement during the pre-race briefing about whether a waterproof or windproof jacket will be required material.


The runners and supporters that may need information about how to get to Barruera, accommodation, etc. they can contact the tourism office of the Vall de Boi

+INFO: www.vallboi.com